NEWS 27 June 2019



Interdisciplinary Approaches to Parental Alienation Conference in Bucharest

On Thursday 28 June 2019, Nick Woodall presented at a conference entitled Interdisciplinary Approach to Disputes Involving Juveniles in Cases of Parental Alienation at the Bucharest Tribunal in Romania.


The Bucharest Tribunal – the central court in the capital - together with the APISET Association, organised for the first time in Romania an international congress devoted exclusively to the issues of children affected by parental alienation. It was also the first international congress organised by a public authority in the field, that is, the biggest court in Romania that handles juvenile cases. The Tribunal, who understand the gravity of the phenomenon of parental alienation, are committed to providing knowledge and training around the issue of children’s post separation rejection of a parent.


The audience was made up of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and other working with families. In Romania prosecutors are treating as criminal offences cases of non-observance of measures concerning the custody of minors, harassment and ill-treatment of minors. Professional specialists from Romania and abroad met for two days to listen to a varied programme including presentations on understanding parental alienation from legal, cross boarder, forensic, psychological and therapeutic perspectives.


Nick’s presentation, titled Working With Post-Separation Pathological Splitting in Children, drew on established psychological and psychoanalytic constructs, as well as international research into the phenomenon of children’s post-separation rejecting behaviours, describing how using differential assessment protocols enables practitioners and the courts to not only understand why the child is rejecting, but also what needs to be done to bring about the best outcomes for the child.


The conference agenda can be downloaded below:


Agenda conferinta TB APISET buna_modif.p
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