Family Court Judge – Midlands Circuit

The Clinic is to be commended on its work with families. Dedication, detailed work and sensitivity to the issues which create difficulties for children are all on offer from highly skilled staff with commitment to high quality services. Without them, this family would not be where it is today.


Family Court Judge – London

The Family Separation Clinic is pioneering in its delivery, offering something that is long overdue and greatly needed in my view. The work delivered in this case has been exemplary, offering resolution in an almost impossible impasse at a critical juncture.


Family Court Judge – London

The Family Separation Clinic has offered this family hope where none existed previously and should be commended for its dedication which goes above and beyond what can usually be expected.


Solicitor London

I wanted to say a personal thank you to you – I was very sceptical about your involvement in the case we have just dealt with – particular as the Guardian had already had the assessment and assistance of another therapist and that made the situation worse, however, your last report on that case was very impressive and I am grateful to you.


Mrs A - children aged 11 and 13 (was the previously aligned parent)

I understand our case is privileged because of your intervention. Right now with out your professional help, my children's situation would be emotionally unstable, poor and limited. I am a Christian woman and as I said to you before I am profoundly grateful of your understanding of the situation. You took time to research how our families work.  You had the professional experience with families in trouble for many years. And all of these elements give me a hope that my children would not finish in destruction and permanent pain. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.


Dr JC - children aged 11 and 13 (was the previously rejected parent)

Because of your work our children are settled in their lives again and they have a good relationship with both of their parents. It was not easy getting to the point where your intervention was possible, but as soon as we did, our lives changed for the better.


Mr M - son aged 15 (was the previously rejected parent)

My son is living with me now and is safe and well because of the work that you did with us and the way in which you understood his predicament. Thank you.


Mr S - Children aged 9 and 12 (children did not want to see their father over a period of five years)

The kids are doing well now, we have some overnights coming up and F particularly seems to be really getting a lot out of us being together again. It seems a long way from when the kids were so horribly frightened of me, these days we just hang out together and it feels normal and like it should always have been.Thank you so much for what you did for us.


Mrs H - children aged 18 and 15 (was the previously rejected parent)

I was reunited with my children eighteen months ago through the interventions and support from Karen Woodall who worked with us for two years to get us to a point where the children could see me again. A lot of the work that was done in the early days was to help the children, who were then 16 and 13, to reduce the anxiety that they felt. I have come to understand, through the process that we have been through, that the reason that the children rejected me was because of the very high levels of conflict that went on between my family and their father's family during our separation. Their father and I had no idea how to manage this or how to cope with the children's rejecting behaviour and sadly, eventually, they told CAFCASS that they did not want to see me anymore. I could not accept that this was good for the children, I knew that they would feel worried and ashamed about rejecting their mother and so I didn't give up, I kept on with the process until their father agreed to have some therapy with me. When we started that I asked him if he would work with the Family Separation Clinic because they could help us to make things better for our children, he agreed and from there things got so much better. I was overwhelmed to see my children again, so grown up now and so much older. Although they are still, eighteen months later, unable to see any members of my family (because of the anxiety caused by the conflict I think), we spend every weekend together and things are getting easier for us. What I have learned most of all is that what happened to my children was the result of a separation gone wrong, we did so many things wrong and I have learned that it is possible to put things right, with the right kind of support and understanding. My children are still anxious sometimes and I have to understand their needs and how to meet them, but they are also opening up and relaxing with me and I do not feel that I am an outsider in their lives anymore, I am part of their lives again and always will be.


Ms T – children aged 5, 7 and 10

I know that without you I would never have seen my children again, the thought of what if they hadn't agreed to your professional assistance is distressing. I found it strange at first having the children back with me as everyone including myself thought I'd be ecstatic but to be honest I felt depressed, even at Christmas, I think it was a type of post-traumatic stress.  Can that happen? I felt that I was keeping going to fight for the children and then after the final hearing in November my body and mind just collapsed. 


The good news is that in the new year I started to feel different and finally enjoying my life with my children. I know their father will want to be part of the children's life again, which I support, knowing that he has to have supervised contact gives me reassurance in that he can be monitored. I still have my fears that he will wait until they are teenagers and easily swayed maybe with gifts or money but I suppose there is nothing I can do about that. I will always have that fear that parental alienation will rear its ugly head at any time and the feeling of helplessness that comes with it. 


I suppose really, I wanted to send this email to say thank you very, very much for your help and believing me at a time when I thought I would have to walk away for my own sanity. You helped save my children from the abuse. Thank you.