About the Family Separation Clinic

The Family Separation Clinic specialises in high conflict family separation where children are, or are at risk of, rejecting one of their parents.


The Clinic brings together a range of independent professionals with backgrounds in family therapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, social work, dispute resolution and family law and is dedicated to offering you the support that you need to build and maintain strong co-operative parenting agreements that last over time.


Our services are delivered by fully qualified professionals with many years experience in delivering support to families as they go through change. We are dedicated to helping you to achieve happier outcomes for your children throughout their lives.



We know that families experience all sorts of change. From divorce and separation, bereavement, adoption and co-parenting children conceived by donor, our services support you to put your children's well being at the heart of your arrangements.


We know that the journey to achieving the very best for your children is not always easy, which is why we have developed a wide range of services to support you as parents and wider family members.


We want to offer you the reassurance of knowing that you are putting your trust in people who have the skills and experience to help you through difficult times.




'The Clinic is to be commended on its work with families. Dedication, detailed work and sensitivity to the issues which create difficulties for children are all on offer from highly skilled staff with commitment to high quality services. Without them, this family would not be where it is today.'

Family Court Judge  – Midlands


'The Family Separation Clinic is pioneering in its delivery, offering something that is long overdue and greatly needed in my view. The work delivered in this case has been exemplary, offering resolution in an almost impossible impasse at a critical juncture.'

Family Court Judge – London


'The Family Separation Clinic has offered this family hope where none existed previously and should be commended for its dedication which goes above and beyond what can usually be expected.'

Family Court Judge – London