The second International Conference Of The Parental Alienation Study Group

The second international conference of the Parental Alienation Studies Group (PASG) was held in Stockholm on 24 and 25 August 2018.


The conference wass arranged by the not-for-profit organization PASG Nordic, in cooperation with PASG, the international not-for-profit organization registered in the US with 450 members from 46 countries from all continents including researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, law, psychology, sociology, medicine, psychiatry, criminology, and some family members who have experienced parental alienation.


Day One of the conference heard from PASG President William Bernet who addressed the scientific foundation for parental alienation. Leading parental alienation researcher Amy Baker explored what research says about parental alienation strategies and the harm done to children and families. The conference also heard Ronald Rohner's TED Talk on 'The Child´s Fundamental Need of Love and Acceptance for a Healthy Development' and Steven Miller spoke on the about the difference between parental alienation and when a child has a legitimate reason to reject a parent. In addition, Simona Vladica, from Romania spoke about parental alienation as being a form of severe psychological abuse on the child and Matej Zaplotnik, from Slovenia spoke about issues in his home country. Day one concluded with a pane discussion titled 'Perceptions of Parental Alienation in the Nordic Countries.'


 Day two heard from Asuncion Tejedor Huerta on the role of expert witnesses, Ursula Kodjoe on the 'Consensus Model' in Germany, Demosthenes Lorandos on the cross examination of PA-critics, Olga Odinetz on training for French investigative police officers in family custody cases, Jennifer Harman on the link between parental alienation and domestic abuse and leading family practitioner, Linda Gottlieb, who presented a role play to illustrate methods of working with alienated children.


Nick Woodall and Karen Woodall from the Family Separation Clinic shared experiences from the their reunification work. You can view their presentation, below.


Karen and Nick Woodall - Reunification Work: Experiences from London.