Het Huis symposium in Antwerp

On 26 February 2019, both Nick and Karen Woodall gave presentations at the a symposium on complex separation and parental alienation in Antwerp, Belgium.


The symposium, organised by the organisation Het Huis was attended by around 100 professionals working with families after separation, including judges, psychologists, social workers and court evaluators. It was held in the impressive Port House situated in the old docks area of the city.


Nick Woodall’s presentation was titled ‘Using international standards in differentiating and treating cases of parental alienation’ and Karen Woodall explored clinical interventions with alienated children, under the title ‘Why should we care about doing it right for alienated children and their families?’


Also speaking at the symposium were Rita Hey, founder of Het Huis, psychiatrist Binu Singh, family court judges Marie-France Carlier and Wendy Verhaegen, forensic psychologist Frédéric Declercq, and Dirk Van Overloop a Judge at the Antwerp Court of Appeal.