NEWS 21 October 2019



Clinic to present at the AFCC conference in New Orleans

Karen Woodall and Nick Woodall, from the Family Separation Clinic, along with Dr Kelley Baker and Dr Amy Eichler from Texas, who were both trained by the Family Separation Clinic, are delighted to have been invited to deliver a paper on induced psychological splitting and parental alienation at the AFCC 57th Annual Conference in New Orleans on 28 May 2020.


The paper, titled 'When a Child Says No: Working with Induced Psychological Splitting After Break-Up' looks at reformulating practice with families to adapt existing therapies to dynamics in alienation cases is key to successful outcomes. Working with the counter-intuitive theory that reverses standard therapeutic understanding of what is happening in families where children reject a parent, this workshop will equip participants to switch focus from the rejection of a parent to the pathological alignment that causes the rejection. Building on this understanding, the program will demonstrate how interventions may be structured to release the defense of induced psychological splitting.


AFCC is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – the premier interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict. AFCC members are the leading practitioners, researchers, teachers and policymakers in the family court arena. The three-day conference, titled 'When a Child Rejects a Parent: Are We Part of the Problem or the Solution? ' aims to offer a wide range of sessions highlighting different research, advocacy positions, policies, practices, programs, procedures, and ideas. Some programs may be evidence-based while others may report on works in progress, emerging practices, or policy initiatives. The goal of the conference is to enhance learning while encouraging respectful inquiry, discussion, and debate consistent with AFCC organizational values.


The full programme can be accessed here