NEWS 7 March 2020



Three-day training programme delivered in the Republic of Ireland

The Clinic delivered three days of intensive training for professionals in the Republic of Ireland between 5 and 7 March 2020. The programme, which was hosted by the charity, Caidreamh, was delivered in two packages.


A one-day introduction to understanding and working with children and families affected by parental alienation was open to all interested legal and mental health practitioners and was attended by 36 professionals. This provided a foundational understanding of alienation and basic differentiation of cases, recognising and understanding the dynamics that lead to alienation in children, setting parental alienation in context and capacity to differentiate between alienation and other causes of resistance in children of divorce and separation.


A three-day advanced programme, which was open to mental health practitioners with a psychology, psychotherapy or social work qualification, attracted 17 professionals. Content included theoretical concepts of alienation, advanced differential assessment, court presentation, concurrent therapeutic trial, effective treatment routes, healing the psychologically split child and contextual application of theory and practice within Ireland.


Those who attended included solicitors, social workers, psychotherapists, art therapists, psychologists, barristers, Guardians, and members of the probation services.


Parental alienation training in Ireland