NEWS 14 October 2020



Elyse Killoran delivers online Havening Techniques® workshop

Huge amounts of positive feedback after the Family Separation Clinic's online Havening Techniques® workshop with Elyse Killoran. We were delighted to welcome attendees from the UK, Canada, USA, Romania, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Poland and Australia. The Havening Techniques are a healing modality that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding and can be be used as a self-help technique or shared with family members and friends. It is described as a brain-based therapy that "resets" neural networks and supports the re-integration of the body and the brain.


The workshop was delivered through the Clinic's Lighthouse Project which is designed to bring as much low cost help to families affected by relational trauma in divorce and separation as possible. This workshop was delivered within the gift economy where the recipient decides what they will pay for the service.


Those who attended the workshop were provided with an understanding of the science behind - and a set of techniques to activate - a natural process to soothe the nervous system and recover from emotional pain, including the neuroscience behind how we encode emotional pain
, the connection between emotion pain and the encoding of trauma
, and practice in using this simple and effective tool for both emotional self-regulation and building emotional resilience


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