Other Services for Families

As experts in all aspects of divorce and family separation, the Family Separation Clinic can in assist you in a range of different ways, including therapeutic mediation and dispute resolution, support and coaching, parenting co-ordination and counselling. We work with you to determine what may be most useful in your unique circumstances.


Parent Support and Coaching

Our therapeutic parent coaching service offers you the opportunity to work with someone who understands the issues you are going through and will support you on an individual basis to help you through the changes and put in place arrangements that work for you and your children.


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Parenting Co-ordination

Offers support and facilitation of parenting time (sometimes referred to as 'contact') and an information service to both parents about how children are managing transitions in shared care or care and contact relationships.


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Therapeutic Family Mediation

Offers support to make agreements around the care and provision for children and offers a longer term approach to understanding how to manage issues on an ongoing basis.

Please note that we do not carry out Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)


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Parenting Assessment for Court

Offers a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics that cause children to refuse or resist spending time with a parent after separation. Provides advice and information to the court about how to resolve conflicted dynamics in a family together with a fully costed work plan for intervention in high conflict cases.


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Counselling for Parents

Counselling for rejected parents is focused upon enabling you to understand what has happened to you, understand what you can and cannot do in response to it and to help you to adjust to the consequences. We also offer counselling for separated families where alienation is not present.


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