Parent Support and Coaching

Family separation is a hugely significant life event. Whilst the mix of feelings and the range of circumstances may be different from person to person, many find it difficult to adjust to the practical, psychological and emotional transitions that come with it.


Our therapeutic parent coaching service offers you the opportunity to work with someone who understands the issues you are going through and will support you on an individual basis to help you through the changes and put in place arrangements that work for you and your children.


We can work with you on an ongoing basis, helping you step-by-step to deal with the issues you face, or we can work on an ad hoc or single session basis to deal with challenges as and when they occur.


We offer hour long appointments by Skype or telephone at a cost of £70.00 (plus VAT) per session or face-to-face at a cost of £90.00 (plus VAT) per session. Face-to-face sessions are usually conducted at our base near Liverpool Street station in London. Sessions outside London can be arranged but incur travel costs. Skype or telephone working increases flexibility as well as being cheaper.

We also offer a package of six Individual Skype or telephone consultations at a cost of £396, a saving of £108 on the normal cost.