Parenting Assessment for Court

The impact of family separation on children

Children living in separated family situations have many psychological challenges to cope with. When their parents live together, they are able to access each parent on a daily basis and are influenced and supported by both in a fluid relationship.


When the family separates however, children are left to negotiate not only the physical separation, but the psychological and emotional separation. This process can be incredibly difficult for children of all ages, especially if there is not a functioning, working relationship between the two parents.


Parenting Assessment

Our Parenting Assessment offers a systemic approach to understanding the reasons why a child is resistant to a relationship with a parent alongside a planned programme of intervention for the separated family. This supports both parents to understand the needs of their child(ren) and the historical route to the resistance. It also offers intervention to repair the broken attachment relationships which underly a child's rejection of a relationship with a parent.


Parenting Assessments can be delivered in three stages:


Stage one – A review of paperwork pertaining to the case (Cost £450 plus VAT)


Stage Two – A full assessment of parents and children (Costs are estimated and presented before assessment takes place but are in the region of £2,750 plus VAT).


Stage Three – Individually planned intervention to meet the needs of the whole family (Costs are planned and presented as part of the assessment process, but are usually in the region of £4-5,000 plus VAT).


Stages 2 and 3 include reading, report writing and attendance at court.


Our general rates are:


  • £75 (plus VAT) per hour reading
  • £90 (plus VAT) per hour assessment
  • £90 (plus VAT) per hour writing reports