Parenting Co-ordination

What is Parenting Co-ordination?

Parenting Co-ordination is a way of enabling parents to have ongoing relationships with their children where conflict between parents is causing difficulty. Parenting co-ordinators manage the arrangements between parents for parenting time and offer a support service for handovers of children where this has become difficult.


Who benefits from Parenting Co-ordination?

The key beneficiaries are children but the aim is to ensure that the conflicted dynamics between parents are managed in ways that enable both parents to continue to have strong relationships with their children after separation. In this respect it is the whole family system which benefits as everyone is supported through the difficult process of change that family separation brings.


How does Parenting Co-ordination work?

A parenting co-ordinator can be agreed at Court by consent or can be proposed to the Court as a way of ensuring that parenting time continues through difficult periods. Parenting Co-ordinators will take on the role of managing the planning of parenting time and will support the handovers between parents, collecting and dropping off children and, if necessary, supporting children and parents through the process of transition between two homes.


Parenting Co-ordination enables parents to manage the movement of children as well as understand how to support children through the difficult times. Parenting co-ordinators offer psycho-education about the ways in which children manage transitions between parents as part of their role.


How much does it cost?

Parenting Co-ordination costs vary depending upon the intensity of the support required and packages of support can be tailored made. In general however, Parenting Co-ordination is £75 (plus VAT) per hour for supported handovers (plus travel costs where these are high).