Parental Alienation Assessment and Treatment

Alienation in children is the end result of a spectrum experience in which they are either influenced and or pressured by parents to align themselves to one or the other (or sometimes both at the same time) or by the difficult dynamics created by both parents that prevents the child from being able to cross the psychological gap that exists between them.


The Family Separation Clinic accepts court ordered referrals for assessment and treatment where alienation is believed to be present. Our approach provides a combination of differentiation of alienation followed by the delivery of combined treatment routes to liberate children from their alienation reaction.


Assessment of referrals begins with a comprehensive analysis of the case to determine whether it is, indeed, a case of alienation or whether there are elements of justified rejection within it. We further differentiate between the child who is alienated because of the conflicted dynamics around them from the child who is in the care of an implacably hostile or alienating parent.


Assessments include an analysis of the history of the child's rejecting position and interviews with both parents and children. Projective testing is utilised to understand the child's responses to their parental relationships and to determine whether or not psychological splitting is present. Occasionally, we carry out an initial paper-based assessment as a precursor to a full assessment.


In cases where a child is responding to a conflicted dynamic within the family, treatment routes may utilise a combination of specialised therapeutic interventions, parenting co-ordination and dispute resolution, together with targeted psycho-education. In situations where the child is in the care of an implacably hostile or alienating parent, more robust treatment routes may be recommended. All interventions are designed individually after a detailed assessment and all are convened in ways that offer the maximum benefit for the children concerned.


You can read more about our assessment standards here




A review of paperwork pertaining to the case - £600 upwards (plus VAT)


A full assessment of parents and children (including a review of paperwork) - £3,950 (plus VAT)
(Costs may vary and are estimated and presented before assessment takes place)


Individually planned intervention to meet the needs of the whole family - from £1,000 to £5,000 (plus VAT)

(These costs are purely indicative and are provided for general information purposes only. All treatment route costs are planned and presented as part of the assessment process)


It should be noted that our rates exceed legal aid hourly rates.


PLEASE NOTE: You should not ask a court to instruct the Family Separation Clinic to carry out an assessment or undertake any other work unless you have the express written permission from us to do so.