Child Rejection and Parental Alienation Guidance

Alienation in children is the end result of a spectrum experience in which they are either influenced and or pressured by parents to align themselves to one or the other (or sometimes both at the same time) or by the difficult dynamics created by both parents that prevents children from being able to cross the psychological gap that exists between them.


Our parental alienation guidance sessions offer support and information for parents who believe that alienation is or may be present. Using our differentiation approach to alienation, we will help you to gain a greater understanding of the issues you face and the best approaches for dealing with them.


Our coaching and support service is designed to help you deal with the issues you are facing as effectively as possible. Whilst it offers a therapeutic approach that will help you to process what is happening and work to reduce any stress you may be experiencing, it is primarily focussed on helping you to understand the unique dynamics of your case and building strategies for action.


Through this work, we will explore with you the potential for you to create change without going to court or look at whether legal action may be necessary. We will also provide expert input to help you to understand post separation parenting hostility and children's rejecting behaviours.


Depending on the specific nature of your case, we may then support you to manage things in order to stabilise the relationship with your child or children, help you to change the existing dynamics in order to reduce any psychological pressures that are creating the problem, develop strategies for taking legal action to protect or restore your relationship with your child, or develop strategies to maintain a presence in your child's life and towards reconnection.

     Skype or telephone 60 mins £70.00 (plus VAT)
     Skype or telephone 90 mins £105.00 (plus VAT)
     Face-to-face 90 mins £165.00 (plus VAT)

We normally recommend an initial session of 90 minutes

(however, you are free to book a one hour appointment if you feel that will be sufficient).


Face-to-face sessions are usually conducted at our base near Liverpool Street station in London. Sessions outside London can be arranged but incur travel costs. Skype or telephone working increases flexibility as well as being cheaper.


We also offer a package of six consultations for the cost of five.

Please note:

Because of the overwhelming demand for information and support where Parental Alienation may be present, it is not possible for us to offer individual consultations without an appointment.


Our ability to schedule appointments is constrained by the nature of the work we do which has to respond to direction from the courts, clinical prioritising and other similar demands.