Parent Coaching

Parent coaching offers support and psycho-educational input to help parents understand the causes of conflict and the dynamics of rejection and reunification.


Parents who find themselves locked into protracted disputes can be helped to understand the underlying causes of conflict and learn new patterns of behaviour that increase the potential for resolution and, importantly, reduce the negative impact on their children.


In cases of alienation, coaching for parents who have been rejected by their children, and who are seeking to re-establish a relationship with them, works to develop an understanding of the dynamics that led to the rejection as well as promoting the necessary behavioural changes that prepare them for reunification.


Coaching for parents to whom the child has been aligned offers insights into the child's conflicted behaviour and what behavioural changes must be made by that parent in order to change the child's rejection of their other parent. This work focuses on the aligned parent as a key determinant of how the child can move beyond rejection and back into a relationship with both of their parents.