Therapeutic Family Mediation

Using a Therapeutic Family Mediation (TFM) model, we don't simply work with parents to reach a negotiated settlement, we work to assist them to resolve the deeper issues that are driving conflict as well as helping to build new and sustainable ways to manage and resolve conflict in the future.


TFM often looks at wider aspects of the relationship between the parties and how that may have contributed to the dispute. It also explores the past and current circumstances with a particular focus on outcomes for children.


We begin the mediation process by working individually, with each parent, to understand their experiences and feelings and to discuss their aspirations, both in relation to settlement of the current dispute and to the longer term parenting relationship.


Having assessed the potential for reaching a settlement we will begin the process of mediation. This takes place either in joint sessions or individually, often using VoIP, whichever is the most suitable.

Our mediation service can be used to address specific issues, usually around arrangements for children. or it can be ulilised as part of a wider process and one of a range of interventions to help families move forward.


Please Note: We do not carry out Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) as established under section 10(1) of the Children and Families Act 2014.