Therapeutic Parenting Course

Our new Therapeutic Parenting Course for everyone affected by a child’s induced psychological splitting is coming soon.


Based on our new book, Therapeutic Parenting for Alienated Children, this course brings together the principles of restoring relationships with alienated children with the protocols of therapeutic parenting.


Therapeutic parenting has been developed for families caring for adopted and fostered children. It uses an approach which is rooted in child focused approaches to helping children with disorganised attachment.


In our experience, children who have been induced to use psychological splitting as a defence also experience disorganised attachment and attachment disruption, which means that this approach to caring for children who have been alienated is very helpful to them.


Our new course combines all of our expertise in reunification work with powerful strategies for continued stabilisation and protection of alienated children.


To register your interest, please complete the form, below, and information about how to access this course will be sent to you when it is available (expected 31st March 2020).


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