Alienated Mothers’ Retreat

Four-night Retreat for Alienated Mothers

Led by Karen Woodall with Nick Woodall

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Cost:  £499 (plus VAT) for a shared en suite room
   £599 (plus VAT) for individual en suite room

Being alienated, as a mother, has its own deeply wounding pain and living with the loss of a child who is still living can corrode the self and the soul. As a mother in our society, it is still expected that you will be the majority carer for your children after family separation and this can cause other people to treat you badly when you are not in that role or when you have been completely alienated from your children. This retreat, focused entirely upon the experience of alienated mothers, is for those who are living at distance from their children and for those who have suffered the loss of a child through the family courts or the actions of the other parent.


Set in Somerset, amidst a beautiful valley, this retreat is about healing and well being for mothers living apart.


Retreating from the ordinary world for a period of four nights, we will spend time working on understanding the ways in which children cope with the problem of family separation and the way in which they recover from the experience of parental alienation. Working individually and in groups we will examine those things which sustain well being and practice the art of mindful living together. The retreat features one to one sessions with Karen and Nick Woodall, both experts in the field of supporting families affected by parental alienation as well as helping children to reunite with their parents.


Time to reflect, time to heal


This retreat is focused upon helping you as an alienated mother, to cope with the experience, to put down the burden and to begin to turn your face towards a new way of living which nurtures and supports you. Focused upon helping you to cope in the longer term, this retreat is designed to give you the time and space to think, talk and process the experience of living with parental alienation. It is a safe space for healing and for joining with others others who share your journey, to build new routes to mutual support and self care.


Retreat programme

This is a fully catered retreat which offers you a choice of a room of your own or a shared room with en suite facilities, healthy eating, peace and quiet and emotional and psychological healthy living guidance. The retreat will feature mindful living, which means that part of every day will be devoted to activities which will rest your mind and support your psychological well being. We will also spend time each day in the beautiful landscape of Somerset, where the rolling hills and fresh air of the valley will nurture and restore you.


Our retreats are designed especially for alienated parents and follow a pattern based upon strengthening the capacity to cope with the difficulties that come from living apart from your children. As part of this work we will weed out the unhelpful thoughts and reactions that cause toxic emotional stress and seed new thought and behaviour patterns. Finally we will feed the spirit and soul to develop a more resilient sense of self to enable you to leave the retreat feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.


We know from our work with families around the world, that the alienated children who do best are those who have a healthy parent to return to. know that rejected parents are an alienated child’s best therapy and so nurturing you is an investment in your child’s healthy future. The places on this retreat are limited to fifteen and we welcome mothers, step mothers and grandmothers to join us.

 The benefits of mindful self care


Working with you, we will help you to map out the ways I which the experience of living with parental alienation has affected you. Working with principles of bringing the underlying dynamics to the surface, we will share with you skills for coping and healing from the impact of parental alienation.


Our work is focused upon ensuring that you understand the ways in which you and your children have been trapped in the dynamic of parental alienation and how, by working on your own capacity to recover and heal from the wounds inflicted upon you by the alienating parent, you can free yourself from that trap and begin to live in a new way which signals your strength and recovery.


The wounding of the self and soul, and recovery from trans-generational trauma


We know that the wound of the self and soul which is caused by parental alienation, is one which can be passed down the generations and that you, as a parent, have become woven into the fabric of another family’s trauma pattern. Looking at your own patterns and working with the principles of psycho-geneaology, we will unpack history and remake it in the present to build new beliefs and behaviour patterns for the future.


The strength of focused planning


This retreat is also focused upon helping you to understand those things you can change as well as those you cannot change in the outside world. Part of the programme is about practical planning and strategies for taking action in your case and each participant will have individual sessions with Nick Woodall on taking action and dealing with legal processes.


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