Client confidentiality agreement

This information is provided to tell you about your right to confidentiality and any limitations or exceptions to this right.



The Family Separation Clinic is committed to ensuring that the confidence of service users in its services is fostered through an explicit policy on confidentiality.


The handling of information that parents provide complies with Common Law and with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and is not shared with anyone outside of the Family Separation Clinic unless the service user has given permission for it to be shared or there are strong public interest concerns, for example child protection (see Limits on Confidentiality).



In general, any information that is given in confidence by you, will not be shared with anyone outside of the Family Separation Clinic without your written permission. Information about you maybe shared with other staff members as necessary. If it becomes necessary to refer you to another service, we will ask for your consent before sharing relevant information with another agency or individual.


Limits on Confidentiality

There may be times when our practitioner feels it is not possible to keep the confidentiality agreement. This will only happen in special circumstances where that practitioner feels it is absolutely necessary. Whenever possible they or a member of the staff team will talk to you before this happens.


You expressly consent to us transferring information in the following circumstances:


  • where we are required to as part of a court ordered or court based process;
  • where we are legally compelled to do so;
  • where we have reason to believe that someone, especially a child, is at risk of harm;
  • where there is a duty to the public to disclose;
  • where disclosure is permitted by law and required to protect our interest;
  • where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent.


In addition, when you expressly consent, we may transfer information when we consult with other professionals.


Use of services provided by the Family Separation Clinic implies acceptance of these terms.