Personal consultation

Our personal consultations offer support and information for parents whose children are rejecting or resisting a relationship with them. Drawing on our unparalleled clinical experience of working with this issue, we will help you to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics you and your children face and consider the best approaches for dealing with them.


Whilst we offer a therapeutic approach that will help you to process how you feel about what is happening, consultations are not therapy but are, instead, primarily focused on helping you to:

  • understand your child's experiences and behaviours,
  • understand the unique dynamics of your situation, and
  • build strategies for change.

Through this work, we will explore with you the potential for you to create change without going to court or look at whether legal action may be a necessary condition for change.


Depending on the specific nature of your case, we may then support you to manage things in order to stabilise your relationship with your children, help you to change the existing dynamics in order to reduce any psychological pressures that are creating the problem, explore the potential need to take legal action in order to protect your children, or develop strategies to maintain a presence in your children's lives whilst working towards reconnection.


Please note that the Family Separation Clinic's work is based in standard psychological, psychotherapeutic and child development approaches and we do not refer to Parental Alienation Theory or similar approaches such as 'eight signs' or the 'Five Factor Model.'



90 minute



(plus VAT @ 20%)

60 minute



(plus VAT @ 20%)

Please note:

All charges are made in GBP Sterling. To check costs in your local currency, please use the calculator. Please note that the calculator gives indicative costs, only, and that exchange rates vary.


Except in exceptional circumstances, we require an initial session of 90 minutes.


Any follow-up sessions are, usually, 60 minutes long.


Following an initial consultation, we also offer a package of six 1-hour consultations for the cost of five. Please ask for more details.


Please note:

Our ability to schedule appointments is constrained by the nature of the work we do which has to respond to direction from the courts, clinical prioritising and other similar demands.




Due to our current caseload, we are currently only able to offer a very limited number of consultations to new clients.


This does not affect existing clients or requests for permission to instruct.


Thank you for your patience.