Therapeutic parenting listening and learning circle

Regular online workshops for parents of alienated children and their families with Karen Woodall

Cost £40.00 (with ticket share option)

These two-hour workshops are delivered on Zoom.


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About these workshops:


The restoration of health, for rejected parents, begins with an understanding of what has happened internally and how that has become entangled with the child’s own splitting reactions. When parents are able to map this splitting across the family system, their own reactive splitting can integrate and they can begin the work of developing the healthy mirror needed by the child.


Parents who have healed reactive splitting can then learn to apply the skills of therapeutic parenting. This is an approach to parenting children who are suffering from attachment disorder due to being emotionally and psychologically harmed. Alienated children with therapeutic parents are shown, in evaluation, to be able to recover quickly from the underlying harms which have caused their rejecting behaviours.


This is a bi monthly drop in group which can be attended regularly or just as a one-off. The circles will be facilitated by psychotherapist Karen Woodall. Each session will focus on a particular element of therapeutic parenting for children with attachment difficulties due to divorce and separation and will comprise of 45 minute input and then an hour and 15 minutes of group discussion. Participants can attend to listen and learn and to share and receive knowledge. The basic requirement is simply curiosity about helping alienated children.


Family members and friends may join for the cost of one ticket (PLEASE SEE NOTE, BELOW).


The Family Separation Clinic is committed to delivering training in therapeutic parenting to as wide an audience as possible at low cost. To this end we allow sharing of tickets for our Listening Circles with two other people. However, to ensure that our online spaces are safe for parents in the rejected position, anyone who shares a ticket with someone else will be required to register the name of that person with the Clinic prior to the circle taking place. If a name is not on the door list, the person will not be allowed into the circle.


In line with the need for the highest levels of confidentiality, we will no longer be providing recordings of circles and will only provide recordings of our courses in a limited way.


On all courses and circles we will now require you to attend with your camera on and we will admit each participant individually to ensure that those with malicious intentions cannot disrupt the event or compromise your confidentiality.


We hope that you will understand the need to provide the strongest levels of protection from harm for all of our participants. To register a free 'family and friends' ticket, please follow the instructions, when booking.


Please note:

A Zoom link for this event will be included in your order confirmation. This link should be used for all sessions. Please contact with any questions you may have.


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