Why train With Karen and Nick Woodall

Training with Karen and Nick provides you with expertise which is second to none in the field of parental alienation. Drawing upon their joint expertise and proven experience in reunification of alienated children and their families, Karen and Nick enable you to understand, at depth, the reality of the problem of parental alienation and the solutions you can use to resolve these very difficult cases.


Using knowledge from their research work and successful outcomes in court in the United Kingdom, as well as their extensive work with key experts around the world, Karen and Nick offer a training which is unlike any other in this arena. Bringing to life the issues facing children through the use of case histories as well as providing detailed information about the model of work which they have developed with families, each training day is packed with experiential learning and evidence based skill sets.


In addition, Karen and Nick Woodall are the co-founders of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners which launches in August 2018 in London and are currently curating standards of practice in this field for the Parental Alienation Studies Group. They are also the co-authors of the widely respected book on parental alienation, Understanding parental alienation: Learning to cope, helping to heal, published in the United States by Charles C Thomas.



What People Say About Training with Karen and Nick

'It was amazing. Informative, exciting, personal, and it brought me back to doing intensive work with the treasured background I have had in psychoanalysis, object relations, trauma, and attachment theory. I could not recommend it any higher. I loved the flexibility of the program and the focus on inter-generational trauma, and the defenses against experiences it. Working in this way seems so much more natural. You have brought back my spirit and love of this work.’
    Dr. Alice R. Berkowitz, Los Angeles, United States.

‘It was a great privilege for me to take part in the 3-day course in Israel. Gently, sensitively and wisely, you have led the course in providing knowledge and guidance, but even more so, you have emphasized aspects regarding the natural resources available in each of us as therapists. You have brought me confidence in myself, the curiosity to add and study the subject, to delve into it, to explore and experience it. My deepest thanks to you for that!’
    Hagit Stern, MSW., Akko, Israel.

‘Enlightening, practical and hopeful’
    Rebecca Campbell, MA, LMFT, Corpus Christi, TX, United States.



Karen and Nick Woodall training psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers in Israel
Karen and Nick Woodall training psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers in Israel