The Family Separation Clinic does not carry out Part 25 assessments.


Please be aware that the Family Separation Clinic is only able to offer therapeutic interventions in particular and limited circumstances.


The Clinic will, in almost all cases, not carry out any therapeutic work without first undertaking an assessment of suitability for therapeutic treatment. We are only able to consider carrying out an assessment of suitability for therapeutic treatment if the case is:


a) in the High Court, and

b) there are judicial findings that the child is being unduly influenced and/or is (or is at risk of) being emotionally harmed by a parent.


We then require a court order, instructing the Clinic to carry out such an assessment. Assessments typically take place over a number of months.


We are unable to take instruction from litigants in person.


Please also be aware that the Family Separation Clinic uses a psychotherapeutic model of assessment and does not carry out psychological assessments.



To request more information about our capacity to carry out an assessment for treatment, please complete the form, below.


We will respond to your email as soon as possible. However, at busy periods we may not be able to reply for a number of days. If you are concerned that your email has not reached us or has been lost, please contact us again. Thank you for your patience.






Please note:


The Family Separation Clinic will be closed from 17:00 on Friday 18 August 2023 until Monday 12 September 2023.

During this time, we will not be able to offer appointments or respond to emails, other than those of an urgent nature. We will respond to non urgent emails in due course. This does not affect pre-scheduled work. Thank you.


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