Your Skype session

Many of our clients like face-to-face appointments. However, our ability to schedule appointments is constrained by the nature of the work we do which has to respond to direction from the courts, clinical prioritising and other similar demands. Added to this, many people find it difficult to fit appointments in around work and other commitments.That is why we offer appointments by Skype or telephone.


Whilst a telephone appointment may be right for you, most of our clients prefer Skype. If you're not a regular Skype user, you may find the following information helpful:


You can use Skype on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you do not already use Skype, start by downloading the Skype application to your PC, Mac or mobile device. To do this, go to your usual store or click here:

Once you have installed your Skype application, you will need to set up a Skype account. Just follow the instructions provided by Skype.

When you have set up your account, select 'Contacts' and click the button marked 'Add Contact'. Then type in the contact address you have been sent by us. You will find this on your confirmation email, similar to the example:


         Date: Friday 10 March 2017
Time: Between 15:30 - 17:00
Skype: (for first appointments, please Add Contact
Cost: £105.00 (plus VAT)

In this example, the Skype address is


Click the 'Find' button. This will send a request to the Family Separation Clinic which we will respond to in due course (don't worry if this doesn't happen until a few minutes before your appointment).


If you think that your Skype name may not be easily recognised by us, please ensure that you let us know what name you have connected to us through. This will ensure that we don't accidentally treat your contact request as spam.

When the times comes for your appointment:

  • make sure you're online and have the Skype application open on your device
  • highlight our contact name
  • click the 'Video Call' button

You can find further information about Skype through this video:

or, for a more comprehensive introduction:

If you have any difficulties, just let us know and we will be happy to help.