Reconnections: recovering older alienated children

Zoom Webinar

Recorded on Tuesday 15 December 2020



Many parents find that they are unable to reconnect with their children through the court process. This can leave older children, in particular, without any effective help to support reunification with their parents. Whilst many older children find their way home eventually, they do so with a hidden problem which continues to affect their relationships with family and friends.


This hidden problem is the defence of psychological splitting, which is a pernicious defence that remains active in many children, long after they have reunited with a parent. This is because, without intervention, the adult child is not aware of the defence, leaving relationships with others feeling distant and disconnected.


Working on the principle that the rejected parent holds the split off and denied aspect of self that is necessary to give a sense of integration, this seminar is for parents of older children. It is focused upon therapeutic parenting skills and understanding of the way that the defence operates in children. Working with the principles of assisting children with disorganised attachments, this seminar will walk you through the key skills of therapeutic parenting which are adapted for this group of children.


Using letter writing, social media and creation of communications strategies, this seminar will also help you to build a consistent strategy of therapeutic parenting presence. Building confidence in understanding and responding to the older alienated child, the seminar will equip you to understand what to do and say in particular circumstances.