Restoring wholeness: A Zoom seminar with Elyse Killoran, Havening Techniques® practitioner

two hour Webinar

Recorded on Tuesday 13 October 2020



Delivered through The Lighthouse Project, Elyse is looking forward to introducing us to a brain-based therapy that "resets" neural networks and supports the re-integration of the body and the brain.


The Lighthouse Project, is designed to bring as much help to families affected by relational trauma in divorce and separation as possible, all at low cost. Some services will be delivered via the gift economy where the recipient decides what they will pay for the service.


Leave this seminar with an understanding of the science behind - and a set of techniques to activate - a natural process to soothe your nervous system and recover from emotional pain:

  • Learn the neuroscience behind how we encode emotional pain

  • Discover the connection between emotion pain and the encoding of trauma

  • Gain clarity about why emotional wounds are so resistant to change

  • Have a direct experience of a drug-and-side-effects-free process that resets emotional circuitry in the brain

  • Practice using this simple and effective tool for both emotional self-regulation and building emotional resilience

  • Learn how others have used this same tool in therapeutic interventions to heal the effects of long-standing trauma